Heart’s War

Heart's WarStarringBruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Terrence HowardLinus Roache

Directed byGregory Hoblit

Written byJohn Katzenbach (novel), Billy Ray

Year: 2002

Plot: POV camp, winter of 1945, the tide of war is about to turn against the Nazis, but here in a place with no name affairs can be quite shakespearian and no less eloquent. A law student turned junior officer turned captive is ordered by his superior, a fourth-generation Army Col. West Point and all, to serve as an attorney to a black officer accused of murder.

Pros: Surprisingly complex for the Willis-Farrell duo.

Cons: The plot is hardly believable, if entertaining. Willis tries to be diabolic but the effect is closer to a conspiratorial smirk.



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