Heaven Knows Mr. Allison

Heaven Knows Mr. AllisonStarringRobert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr

Directed byJohn Huston

Written byJohn Lee Mahin, John HustonCharles Shaw (novel)

Year: 1957

Plot: The year is 1944. The theater is South Pacific. Mr. Allison is a Marine, a Corps man through and through so he finds himself a bit out of his depth when he washes up on a tiny island, and finds its sole inhabitant to be a nun. Since the nun in question is Deborah Kerr and the Japanese army keeps up the heat things get quite steamy and Heaven Knows!

Pros: Both leads are great, they have a lot of chemistry, the plot is uncharacteristically for the movie of that era non-bombastic. It is a war drama that is really a romance.



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