Sword of Vengeance

Sword of VengeanceStarringStanley Weber, Edward Akrout, Misa Beric

Written byMatthew Read (story), Julian Unthank

Directed byJim Weedon

Year: 2015

Plot: Twelve century, England. A mysterious Shadow Walker, whose hairdo is the best thing about this piece of shit, returns to his ancestral lands, moving through the swamps of Serbia pretending to be medieval England in slow motion, to avenge his father. Grunting and more slow motion ensues.

Pros: The accents of the performers are precious. It’s the Normans playing the Saxons.

Cons: Clearly made by a cinematographer eager to use all the tricks of his trade at once. The result is a steaming pile of WTF.


Whadda you think?

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