King Arthur

King ArthurStarringClive Owen, Keira KnightleyStellan SkarsgårdMads Mikkelsen

Directed byAntoine Fuqua

Written by: David Franzoni

Year: 2004

Plot: Commander Artorius Castus and his brave Sarmatian (sic!) knights are sent out on a last, suicide mission to rescue a Roman family stranded by the incoming Saxon invasion north of the Hadrian Wall.

Pros: We liked the concept of Guinevere the Fearless Pict Fighter, even if we didn’t appreciate miss Knightley rendering of it.

Cons: Operatic costumes (need we say leather bra-hosen worn by Guinevere in the battle scene?). Plot which wipes out most of the Arthurian characters before they had a chance to become heroes of their own stories. Overall schmaltziness.


Whadda you think?

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