Ironclad: Battle for Blood

Ironclad: Battle for BloodStarringMichelle FairleyAndy Beckwith, Tom Austen

Directed byJonathan English

Written byJonathan EnglishStephen McDool

Year: 2014

Plot: The Scots venture out the foggy mountains and glens to avenge their loved ones, killed by the English raids. They lay siege to Castle Something, which our heroes and heroines are paid to protect. An hour and a half of bloody slaughter and tiring violence ensues.

Pros: It gives an early warning of its badness – the very first scene.

Cons: It is bad in so many ways you have seen so many times before, but rarely all at once. Swordplay in slow motion: check; seemingly cynical hero who proves to be an embittered romantic: check; damsels in pink in distress: we got’em; banal dialogue: plenty of it; dreadful overacting: you bet!


Whadda you think?

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