Hell on Wheels

Hell on WheelsStarringAnson Mount, Colm Meaney, Phil BurkeCommon

Written by: full list on IMDB

Directed by: full list on IMDB

Year: 2011-

Plot: In the wake of the Civil War, the Nation flexes its muscles, reaching for the Pacific. Entrepreneurs build railroads, and former Union and Confederate soldiers provide welcomed distractions: shootings, robberies, law and sex.

Pros: Solid characters with some depth, gripping plot twists, decent sets, costumes and acting. You don’t know Mr. Swede until well into 2nd series.

Cons: Nauseatingly brutal and unnecessarily cruel. At times it is hard to figure out how much time has passed between the events, especially if occasionally a scene starts in a fall only to conclude back in early spring, before panning to full summer – feels like an editorial mixed salad.


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