Prisoners of the Sun

Prisoners of the Sun Starring:  John Rhys-DaviesDavid CharvetCarmen Chaplin

Directed byRoger Christian

Written byPeter AtkinsAnthony Hickox

Year: 2013

Plot: Once every five thousand years, the realignment of the celestial bodies over a pyramid somewhere in Egypt, unlocks a portal liking it with the world of extraterrestrials. An international team of archeologists races to enter the pyramid that fateful night, and when they do things get ugly.

Pros: Struggling to find some… Nope, seems like we can’t think of anything.

Cons: Poor John Rhys-Davis. He’s been stuck in archeological digs since the Raiders of the Lost Ark, only that each subsequent iteration is worse than its predecessor.


Whadda you think?

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