Escape movie


StarringIsabel Christine AndreasenIngrid Bolsø BerdalKristian Espedal

Directed byRoar Uthaug

Written by:  Thomas Moldestad

Year: 2012

Plot: Ten years after the plague wiped out half of Europe’s population, life is grim, short and brutish, compliments of those who were left behind to live it. Young Signe witnesses her family slaughtered by a band of bandits led by an impossibly blue-eyed woman. They spare her life, because they have something far more sinister than death in mind for her.

Pros: Simple, gripping story, told with minimal use of dialogue; great cinematography and solid performances. But most of all – what a beautiful movie!

Cons: For those seeking testosterone – this one bloody, arrow ridden flick is pure estrogen mayhem.


Whadda you think?

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