World War Z

World War Z

World War Z

StarringBrad PittMireille EnosDaniella Kertesz

Directed byMarc Forster

Written by:  Matthew Michael CarnahanDrew GoddardDamon LindelofJ. Michael StraczynskiMax Brooks (novel)

Year: 2013

Plot: Mother nature, the bitch that she is, unleashes a deadly virus which turns humans into zombies. Gerry Lane, former UN investigator, has to find the way to stop the spread of the disease, or humanity is doomed.

Pros: Very expensive zombie movie! We’re heartened to see that over 100 makeup artists found employment on the set of WWZ.

Cons: What we hold against this flick is what we hold against the genre: general lack of originality and high threshold for suspense of disbelief.



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