The Borgias

The Borgias

The Borgias

StarringJeremy IronsFrançois ArnaudDerek JacobiDavid OakesHolliday Grainger

Directed byNeil JordanKari SkoglandJohn MayburyJon AmielDavid LelandJeremy PodeswaSimon Cellan Jones

Year: 2011-2013

Plot: It’s good to be a Pope, but it’s a bloody affair.

Pros: High production value, painterly aesthetics and magnificent, despicable lead.

Cons: One would hope that a purportedly historical biopic would stick to the facts, which were dramatic enough without unnecessary embellishments. By the third season the fact-making gets fast and furious and, sadly, too ridiculous to buy. But on the flip side, at least Netflix has all three seasons.


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