A Young Doctor’s Notebook

A young doctor's notebook

A young doctor’s notebook poster

StarringJon HammDaniel RadcliffeAdam Godley

Directed by: Alex Hardcastle

Year: 2012

Plot: Daniel Radcliffe is a young version of Jon Hamm (?!), a fresh-faced and fresh-out-of-the-medical-school doctor, sent to the end of Russia in the thrusts of becoming USSR, the land of perma-frost, to perform gut-churning procedures that end up in thank-god-they-don’t-have lawyers situations.

Pros: Jon Hamm, rugged and Russian.

Cons: All the scenes with Daniel Radcliffe, although their cringe-worthiness is not entirely of his making: you can’t make an amputation into physical comedy that’s actually fun to watch no matter how nimble your fledgling star is.


Whadda you think?

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