Dawn of the Dragon Slayer

urlStarringRichard McWilliamsNicola Posener

Directed by: Anne K. Black

Year: 2011

Plot: Dragon kills boy’s father, so the boy has to kill the dragon. He also has to fall in love with a rich man’s daughter, loose her father’s prized stallion, be accused of stealing it, be exonerated, etc., etc. Virtue and pure heart win at the end – tada!

Pros: Well, there is a dragon, and it flies, growls and breathes fire.

Cons: We looked up the leads, and found out that Richard McWilliams took a full-time acting course in Gaiety School of Acting (sic!), where they teach how to grunt and pant while you try to hit not your opponent, but his weapon. Miss Posener must have graduated from a studio where they teach to part lips and look dazed.


Whadda you think?

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