David DeCoteau’s Shirtless Men Retrospective

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The opulence of cinematic oeuvre of David DeCoteau’s finds a fruitful outlet on Netfix, so it is with great pleasure that The Netflix Bum announces the first live-streaming David DeCoteau’s retrospective, including ten titles by the auteur of ‘A Talking Cat!?!’  


1313: Bigfoot Island, 2011: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! In this daring modern-day interpretation of William Congreve’s ‘The Mourning Bride‘ the protagonist bares his chest taunted by the lascivious Bigfoot.

1313: Wicked Stepbrother, 2011: In this gripping family drama, racial tensions force close friends to strip bare, headless of impending collapse of the societal norms.

1313: Actor Slash Model, 2011: In this violent revenge story, an embittered actor goes on a murderous rampage after losing a life-changing role to a shirtless competitor.

1313: Bermuda Triangle, 2011: Ever an innovator, DeCoteau’s retelling of the all-time favorite ‘Treasure Island’ demands respect, if only for the fact that he keeps his female characters tauntingly clothed in spandex.

1313: UFO Invasion, 2011: In his acclaimed riposte to Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, a young astronomer needs to bare his skin as he prods for the edges of the universe.

1313: Billy the Kid, 2012: In this ambitious reinterpretation of the western genre, the legendary gunslinger enters the den of salacious demigods. The encounter will forever open his shirt, but will he be man enough to shed it?

1313: Cougar Cult, 2012: In this dark coming-of-age story, three naive English majors slowly discover their navels thanks to a geriatric porno tableau arranged by mysterious women.

1313: Night of the Widow, 2012: The oneiric take on ‘Tender Is the Night’ takes us though the motions of grief and acceptance, as the young protagonist slowly looses his garments in bouts of violent madness.

1313: Frankenqueen, 2012: The existential exploration of motifs of life and death, Frankenqeen tells a story of the pursuit of eternal youth, of young men all too eager to undress, and of botox taken a step too far.

1313: Hercules Unbound, 2012: This postmodern kaleidoscope of Greek mythology dazzles with oil-dripping musculature. Interpreted as a desperate cry of a modern man alienated by technology and yearning for the simpler times, Hercules Unbound was filmed entirely in a metalanguage.



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