Bottle Shock

Bottle ShockStarring: Alan RickmanChris PineBill Pullman

Directed byRandall Miller (yep, we’ve never heard about him either)

Year: 2008

Plot: It takes one determined Brit to break France’s unquestioned hegemony in the world of winemaking (we wonder what the Italians have to say about that hegemony thang). It’s 1976, and nobody heard of appellation Chateau Montelena, or for that matter – the Napa Valley. But that’s about to change (cue in some hippie tunes).

Pros: Well, it is what your mom would call ‘charming’ and your grannie would describe as ‘dear’. Note that Netflix categorized this movie as both a drama and a comedy, adding that it is also ‘heartfelt’ – what the huh?

Cons: By George! It’s slow!


Whadda you think?

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