The Following

The followingStarringKevin BaconJames Purefoy

Directed byKevin Williamson

Year: 2013

Plot: It’s a duel of wills. Former FBI investigator (Bacon) is called back from an early retirement to track down murderous groupies of a serial killer (Purefoy), a former college professor specializing in Edgar Allan Poe. Inspiring fanatical devotion in his followers, he directs them to commit grisly murders, which he sees as a romantic tribute to his literary idol.

Pros: Purefoy purrs and squints, schmaltzing his way though his entire performance; Bacon is great as an unheroic, haggard hero. The flick has good pace, punctuated by many a stabbing.

Cons: Too many plot twists make for a tedious watch. And seriously – Poe-fueled mayhem?


Whadda you think?

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