Shadow of the Sword (The Headsman)

Shadow of the swordStarringAnastasia GriffithNikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister)

Directed bySimon Aeby

Year: 2005

Plot: XVI century somewhere in mud and feces-covered Europe. A handsome mercenary arrives in a small town and in a quick succession of events knocks up a local witch and replaces her father as a town executioner. That eventually places him on a collision course with his childhood friend, the abbot of the local abbey. When an evil Bishop gets involved, all goes to hell.

Pros: This film is solid. It’s not riveting, it’s not memorable, it’s not above average in any respect. But it’s solid.

Cons: There’s been a lot of nefarious clergy in period pieces lately – no doubt inspired by the present day men of cloth, but we’re tired of the same theme repeated over and over again, and the same plot tool used off the shelf.


Whadda you think?

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