Valhalla Rising

Valhalla RisingStarringMads MikkelsenMaarten Stevenson

Directed byNicolas Winding Refn ( of ‘Drive’ fame)

Year: 2011

Plot: Mysterious, silent, one-eyed worrier without a cause joins a group of Vikings in crossing the Atlantic ocean. They explore the far shore, wondering in the forests and crossing the swamps, which takes them excruciatingly long, as you’d expect from anyone who moves in slow motion, in progression of oneiric shots. At one point the natives make their appearance and slowmo carnage ensues.

Pros: Beautiful cinematography with refined, cold color scheme or blues and grays. There – we said it.

Cons: We generally like a movie to have a plot that we could get invested in, even at a very basic level. It also helps if there is a dialogue.  Clearly Mr. Refn doesn’t feel the same since ‘Valhalla Rising’ has very little of either. The main character doesn’t say a word throughout the painful 92 minutes because he clearly has nothing to say. All he wants to do is to stare at you with his one remaining eye, and the director obliges.


Whadda you think?

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