TimelineStarringPaul WalkerGerard ButlerFrances O’ConnorMichael SheenDavid ThewlisLambert Wilson

Directed by: Richard Donner (of the Lethal Weapon fame)

Year: 2003

Plot: Somewhat sinister scientists discover a wormhole leading though time and space to XIV century France, and promptly send an archeologist to investigate. When he gets stuck in the middle-ages, they send more archeologists and a couple of marines to bring him back. Things go badly from the moment they arrive, and then take a turn for worse once the team meets frantically grinning and exuding princely testosterone Michael Sheen as a hateful English invader.

Pros: Gerard Butler and the way he makes every line sound like it just spent an evening playing poker with the Loch Ness Monster.

Cons: We’re not Michael Crichton purists, but we can’t help to wonder why do screenwriters always have to mess with their literary material, almost infallibly arriving at a lesser effect. When it comes to Paul Walker, we have low expectations, and yet he fails to meet them, grinning his way to the grand finale as if he thought that he acted in a toothpaste commercial.


Whadda you think?

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