Plunkett & Macleane

Plunkett & MacleaneStarringRobert CarlyleJonny Lee MillerLiv Tyler

Directed byJake Scott (who also brought you The Berenstain Bears: Get Organized!)

Year: 1999

Plot: Two lovable rascals (Carlyle and Miller) get themselves in trouble, since it is the only thing a decent human being can expect from life in 18-century England, the land of injustice, filth, and wigs. The rich are rotten to the core, perverse and sanctimonious strata of rapists in making. The poor, following to the cinematic rule that depravation breeds nobility of spirit, are just and true. Liv Tyler is a rich girl who breaks the mould, being sensitive and good, which makes her a potential rapeé… In other words: open a can, shake upside down, serve hot or cold.

Pros: We like Robert Carlyle best when he wears his psychotic bad guy hat, but we will take the sensitive pauper robber if we have to. Cinematography is good, so is set and costume design, albeit we find it hard to believe that everyone below a Duke would have been covered in poop. Music performed by The Tiger Lillies gives it a spunk, at times completely overpowering the images.

Cons: Cheese! Velveeta!


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