The Core

The CoreStarringAaron EckhartHilary SwankStanley Tucci

Directed byJon Amiel (who brought you crap such as ’86 ‘The Singing Detective’ and ’99 ‘Entrapment’)

Year: 2003

Plot: The Earth’s inner core has stopped spinning, so Aaron Eckhart, wide-eyed and bed-haired has to fix it, helped by Hillary Swank in her most wooden performance to date, and Stanley Tucci as an über establishment jerk.

Pros: A 5 minute send-off of “Birds”. When in doubt, bring in more crazed pigeons! Also – some really vintage CGI, which makes the futuristic ship look like cough lozenge floating in flaming mucus.

Cons: It’s as formulaic as you’d expect. You will need to activate your forward thrust discombobulator at times, when pseudo-tech babble takes over the dialogue. Let us repeat: how did good actors get roped into this?


Whadda you think?

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